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 **Rules** - **Tags included**

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PostSubject: **Rules** - **Tags included**   Fri Jan 05, 2007 1:28 pm

Clan Rules.

No Cheating under any circumstances at all while being part of UBS or either wearing the tags

Must wear correct tags at all times while being a member if not these result in penalty points getting added to your report, tags- -=UBS=-Name.Rank (call of duty 1 &uo), -=UBS=-Name.Rank (call of duty 2).

No Clan hopping under any circumstances if caught you will be asked to choose either our clan or there's.

No spamming the servers or forums.

The final decision in most matters is of the Field Marshall and his 2nd in command.

Recruitment: At this present moment in time we are only recruiting people from inside europe, this does not exclude alliances with clans from america ect.

No recruiting on anybodys elses servers as I want be the one to take the blame as I have warned you, you didnt read this isnt my fault.
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**Rules** - **Tags included**
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